“Depixen LLC is a Malta-based software and software technologies development company that is established by leading industry leaders in the global market. Our company which develops software on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and wearable technologies – the legitimate actors of the new world order– also experiences these developments through the portals that have been created and licensed by our company. Thus, in the near future, Depixen LLC would provide new experiences by providing quality content and API services for the countries which will establish their own systems by restricting the access of globally-known social networks and search engine for the reasons of data security and data income.

We are creating tools and portals for stakeholders who are affiliated with some particular industries such as health, architecture, construction, defense and their procurement systems, which are kept forming the World. For the same purpose, our company, which gradually develops itself with its team of specialists, aims to keep growing with start-up purchases as well.”


Everyday is a new day for us and we work really hard to satisfy our customer everywhere.

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