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Free Applied Training Programs for
Business Development and Sales
Business Development Expertise Training
Sales Expertise Practical Training
Algorithm Specialization Training

Business Development & Sales

Through Business Development and Sales journey in Depixen Academy, participants will determine 
the required dynamics of sales and marketing algorithms in various sectors, by analyzing the market 
and target audiences with Case Studies. During their Case Study exercises, they will prepare their 
unique Business Development strategies with market segmentation. Within the strategies; they will aim 
to manage risk, time, team, and capital with utmost efficiency.


Besides technical development, participants will also improve themselves in persuasion, reporting, 
communication, presentation, and many more... They will become one of the most valuable elements of 
their team, completing the missing piece, seeing the unseen, reinforcing their strengths.

become a member of Depixen Academy!

Develop with unique resources and Case Studies then maximize your productivity!

With the evaluation to be made at the end of the development process, join among successful, determined, practical, willing, and idealistic members. Benefit from the permanent mentoring service to reach your career goals with the domestic and foreign with the job guarantee provided by Depixen!

If you feel ready to push your limits, develop and produce,
Become the newest member of the Depixen Academy in no time!

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