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Free Applied Training Programs for
Software Services & AI
Applied Software & AI Training
Applied Trainings for Software and AI
In The Industry

Software Services & AI

For all candidates of software development who will always be within the experimental processes; 
whom, while setting apart their mistakes, will be able to motivate themselves into becoming successful 
through determination, Depixen Academy is the best first step to take. Participants will be able to 
develop themselves in the technical matters, such as: learning and understanding user interactions, 
developing flexible front-end architecture, preparing supportive APIs and product libraries.


Throughout the Case Study exercises, they will solve difficult problems in the production environment 
by frequently communicating and thinking with the team, be part of the development processes and gain 
experience in generating solutions for methodical problems.


Throughout the development process, prospering participants will have the opportunity to specialize 
within Depixen.

become a member of Depixen Academy!

Develop with unique resources and Case Studies then maximize your productivity!

With the evaluation to be made at the end of the development process, join among successful, determined, practical, willing, and idealistic members. Benefit from the permanent mentoring service to reach your career goals with the domestic and foreign with the job guarantee provided by Depixen!

If you feel ready to push your limits, develop and produce,
Become the newest member of the Depixen Academy in no time!

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