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We are looking for a team leader who will be appointed with the title of  “Art Director” who has at least 5 years of agency experience, to manage international customer business and relations. And a “Junior Art Director” to be trained, for the Istanbul/Ataşehir office of our foreign-based company.

Our company supports the cultures against the use of Cigarettes and Tobacco products and does not take possible risks. It is our priority to maintain a perspective and lifestyle that has high hygiene standards and is reactive to the use of tobacco products.

Requirements & Qualifications

Graduated from the Fine Arts, Visual Communication and Graphic Design departments or Architecture faculties of universities

Preferably advanced in English

Has strong conceptual skills-competencies as an Art Director

The ability to be creative, to reflect her/his  creations with all necessary programs, ability to motivate team members, ability to transfer emotions

If needed, experienced in desktop solutions as well as every digital channel

Knows that aim of stress management is not to transfer stress but to block it, not only in theory but also in practice; and has a developed deadline discipline

Completely positive, smiling, doesn’t like to give excuses, solution oriented

Has made it a habit to turn all kinds of projects into a down-to-earth documentations.

Able to manage 360 degree projects
From end to end

Unquestionably advanced typography knowledge

Never need to be reminded of their responsibilities

Strives to increase awareness of team and self about hygiene.


Job Description

  • Managing the art direction, planning and tracking of business processes of all works related to Digital and Desktop Publishing and Media production

  • Developing all interfaces of image processing and artificial intelligence channels on Portal and Tool basis with visual communication

  • Preparing Mock-ups and interfaces with UI / UX disciplines

  • Preparing 3D media animation scenarios and managing the production phase from end to end

  • Developing text writing, script, storyboard, production, retouching, HTML CSS presentations in digital scope

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