Business Development and Sales


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primary areas of work
Istanbul – Istanbul Organized Industrial Zone
Kocaeli – Gebze Organized Industrial Zone
Bursa – Bursa Organized Industrial Zone
Ankara – Ankara Organized Industrial Zone
Gaziantep – Gazintep Organized Industrial Zone


We are looking to hire an Business Development and Sales Representative with qualifications listed below, who will be assigned to work in Software and Media Products Sales Department of our company.


Interested in matters concerning softwares,

Preferably graduated from Engineering and Business departments of an university,

Well-versed in English,

Possesses strong communication skills, is serious and optimistic,

Prone to teamwork,

Plans their career on Sales and Marketing,

Prone to product development,

Skilled in presentations,

Skilled in reporting,

Skilled in communication,

Can use Microsoft Office softwares, presentation softwares and tools on an advanced level,

Has no domestic or international travel restrictions,

Has at least two years of experience in field sales.


work Description

Sales of softwares and software products, and product development,

Target customer and market research,

Contacting and communicating with customers,

Presentation and needs assessment,

Proposal and contract,

Report and feedback.