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C-Level Management Trainee [CEPO]

Stages of Training

It is anticipated that the training process will take approximately 2 years. In this process, the necessary authorities will be given along with the responsibilities.

Below, there are the competencies that the candidate will acquire on the basis of each department with an intense program in the first year.

• C-Level Management sciences and business administration

• Multi-company management expertise

• International trade

• Internet data revenue methods expertise

• Start up evaluation and investment analysis

• Crypto assets and Loyalty systems

• Advanced analysis methods

• Data mining algorithms

• Data science algorithms

• Marketing algorithms

• AI algorithms

• Connected data systems expertise

• Technical content development expertise

• Metaverse and NFT

• Content expertise and Marketing content production

• Marketing statistics and report analysis

• International GDPR and labor law

• Finance and financial valuations

• Negotiation techniques

• Recruitment techniques

• Team building and management techniques and performance analysis

Domestic and International Platforms Manager

CEPO [Chief Executive Platform Officer]

new graduate to be trained.

We are looking for C-Level Executive Candidates to be trained to manage integrated platform systems, and the teams working on these platforms in our domestic and international offices.


Individuals who are occupying C-Level positions are generally considered to be the most powerful and influential members of a company. These executives determine the company's strategy, make higher-risk decisions, and ensure that daily operations are aligned with the company's strategic goals.


If you are known as a person who does not get hung up on obstacles on a task and focuses on overcoming them, this position is for you.

Minimum Requirements
Holding a bachelor’s degree in English in positive science fields of universities, similar to and especially in Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration, Mathematics, Data Science.
[Second language is preferred with advanced knowledge of English.]

Qualifications Required by the Job Description

Dutiful and result oriented

Idealistic and positive

Good memory and note-taking habit

Very fast and focused research and development capability

Deadline-based work discipline

Prone to teamwork

Aware that feedback is an integral part of self-development

Prone to Turkish-English presentation and expression techniques


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+90 549 574 00 90

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