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Managing the growth of the data sets and developing database parallel to product development, business development, and supply chain process of the big data,
Reporting and documention of the database growth and new data collection methodologies to concerned product owners periodically.
Identify opportunities for data acquisition for the growth of the database paralel to operation of the digital products and portals
Utilizing and entering data to operating the digital products and portals in collaboration with product Owner and product development team.

internship details
Up to 20 hours per week depending on interest and availability
Depending on job performance, the transition to full-time work can be made after the internship period.

Bachelor’s Degree or Student in Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Planner, Landscape Architect, Industrial Designer, Engineer, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Close to Software, Digital Technologies, Digital Product Management and Business Development
Understand the importance of Big Data in business
Open to learning analytical tools and new data collection methodologies
Enthusiastic and experienced in Materials Management and Product Development
Experience and understand the importance of analytics for Sales, Marketing, and Operations applications
Advanced in English (speaking-writing and content development) skills
Who wants to make progress in data acquisition and analysis
Free to travel and work on Saturdays

job description
Research and Analysing data sources and new data acquisition methodologies,
Analysing and organising raw data,
Building up prototypes and data sets to develop database and support algorithm with needed data for the digital products and portals,
Optimization of the data sets according to algorithm of digital products and portals.




+90 549 574 00 90

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