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Graduate of Fine Arts or related departments of universities,
Has the qualifications to be trained as an Art Director,
Has above-the-line perspective,
Has a taste criteria that overlaps with the Western culture
Scans a lot of English literature
Kneaded with art culture enough to create a composition in their designs,
Preferably interested in classical music and able play an instrument,
Able to document the corporate identity integrity of foreign companies and give it the taste of an artwork
Excited about motion graphics,
Having a bioformic perspective in abstract art,
Being able to master the elements that constitute the balance in the linear composition,
Mastered the logic of gamut settings,
Able to express their free thoughts with original designs,
Has strong computer skills and no problems with software,
Knows the theory and practices of the printed material production process,
Skilled and responsible in time management,
Practical and prone to teamwork,
Intellectual and enlightened enough not to personalize criticism,
Extremely idealistic and business oriented, in love with his/her profession.

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