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if you think you possess more than these traits naturally,

if you would like to start as an intern and then continue on to work part-time and full-time,

if you are passionate about learning and working,

could you be the teammate with whom we aim to improve and learn, while we work together through the process?

to find the answer to that question together, all you will need to do is click the apply button and fill in the job survey.

thanks in advance,

we are aware that, when it comes to forming a career that’s compatible with our abilities and competencies,
internship is very important.

while we transfer
knowledge, experience and formation
to our colleagues who join our team
for part-time or internship jobs,
we renovate and improve ourselves
through their unique perspectives.

knowledge can be learned.
formation can be raised.
experience is gained through work.

the synergy that is born while working with
the right teammates will render

every team member efficient, successful and effective.

the neccessities we are looking for, that are,
if under-developed or lacking, would be very hard to teach someone through work life:

high inner motivation

determination to reach goals


realism when planning for the future

being open-minded to improve and learn

to be able to learn by self, instead of waiting for someone to come and teach

believing in oneself’s potential and pushing boundaries to turn it into performance


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