job application form

You are about to apply for a job in a global company that produces and develops its own algorithms and software using new technologies. Please guide us by answering the following questions so that we can evaluate your application correctly.

After we departmentalize tasks of sales department, when executing the remote work model, would you have problems adapting to the disciplines below? If yes, which ones and why?

Which market or markets are you familiar with?

Concerning customer relations, which phase or phases below are the most difficult for you?

Which of the below measurements would be a fair criterion when your performance is being evaluated?

Which argument below could you use to assess whether or not a sales  expert is result-oriented?

During the phase of coming to a deal with a sales expert of a company, what do you think would be the most impartial and just way for the parties to clarify mutual expectations and determine privileges?

Every responsibility of building your own team has been given to you. One of the candidates you’ve chosen has performed well during the evaluation process and gained compensations and a salary above their  actual abilities. To not encounter a similar situation, how would you determine a candidate’s “real grade” before they’re hired?

Anything you would like to add?

Which selection below defines your level of knowledgeability in Microsoft Excel the best?

What are your hobbies? (Painting, playing an instrument, making or composing music, playing video games, cooking, reading boks, etc.)

How often do you smoke?

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