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You are about to apply for a job in a global company that produces and develops its own algorithms and software using new technologies. Please guide us by answering the following questions so that we can evaluate your application correctly.

We think you want to be trained and progressed in information systems by using your architectural formation. Although all the connections between Architecture and Information systems, especially the application areas for Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and related technologies, are not fully defined, it makes us think that you have certain awareness and strong ideals in this way. At this point; 

  • What connections and areas of use between the formation you have gained with architectural education and these technologies excite you and create your learning desire?

  • What are your ideal and expectations in this field?

"Time" is the most important cost item for the companies in training and implementation processes. The effort to reduce this process is an important indicator of the employee's respect and commitment to his company.
The major proof of this indicator is the effort of project leaders to keep up with the deadline and effort. For this reason, responsible people who concentrate on their ideals should be selected for high effort companies instead of people who will lower team spirit and motivation with conformist approaches and exhibit conformist approaches after a certain time.

At this point you;

  • Would you be able to adapt to education and production processes that are dependent on high-effort?  Could you define your limits and willpower concerning this subject?

  • Could you put your job at the center of your life and regulate your private life and social environment around it, all the while ignoring negative suggestions against the determination and effort you will dedicate to scaling down your learning curve and improving your efficiency?

It takes an average of 1 year to bring any person to a certain level in information technologies. All trainings and project-based studies to be given in this process mean that the company creates high costs.

Why should our company invest time and resources in you? Which features make you differentiate from other candidates?

•    What personality traits would you like us to consider when deciding to work with you?

•    What do you promise us at the beginning, in the medium term, and in the future of our  collaboration process?

We are wondering which particular fields you would like to develop yourself in, and why? Could you define these fields for us?

Which softwares and tools are you able to use?

Do you know any developing languages? If yes which one(s)?

What are your hobbies?
(Painting, playing an instrument, music or composition, playing computer games, cooking, reading, etc.)

Which selection below defines your level of knowledgeability in Microsoft Excel the best?

How often do you smoke?


Thank You!

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