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(Architect discipline is preferred)


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roles and responsibilities
UI / UX - Designing the user interface of application and website in the new business model, which will serve through digital channels.

Developing designs which are compatible with brand strategy; well-matched with fundamental designing principles and manuals.

Preparing and delivering designs in accordance with expectations of developer teams and project calendar.

Improving customer experience and minimizing customer effort by designing a clean and simple interface, collaborating with customer experience managers.

support and test - Working in unison with front-end team, and supporting them in app and website development processes.

Providing constant improvement by testing alternative designs.

important note - The portfolio, which contains applicant's skills, personal works or customer/institutional works must be attached to the application.


graduation - Either graduated or soon-to-graduate from a 4-year degree in a related university,

achievement - Have intentions to continuously learn, and to exhibit high performance through high inner motivation and work discipline in this job which will start as a part-time job, and turn into a full-time.

focus - Focused on interface, interaction, digital application or website design.

interest, ability or know-how - Able to use visual design tools, such as Sketch, XD, Adobe CS, Adobe Illustrator, Invision, Zeplin, Figma; and preferably interested in animation design and studied this matter,

passion - passionate, progressive, a go-getter and an innovator when it comes to design,

motivation - able to think in a result-oriented manner; with high individual motivation,

learning - Places utmost importance on continuous learning and developing,

team player - Inclined to take part in teamwork; aims to become an indispensable, permanent part of the team by displaying performance and congruity,

curiosity - Curious towards technology, follows up on related news and developments.



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